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"These 30 days have been one of my biggest turning points in my life."



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I've noticed that I'm treating my anxiety as excitement for new things instead of a barrier. I turn the negative into a positive and be excited instead of nervous! I have also noticed that people around me are laughing, smiling and shining with me. It seems it only takes one person in a wonderful mood to brighten an entire room!

We asked how the 30 Day Soul Challenge had made a difference in these ladies' lives...

Soul Sister Feedback


These 30 days have been one of my biggest turning points in my life. I am aware of everything around me.I see everything so clearly and calmly. I know I can do some remarkable things if I push myself even with the fear. I have more of a relaxed and open relationship with my partner. I cherish the small moments because I know I will never get the time back and time is the most precious thing.

"I honestly feel lighter. And now as I'm answering this I am moved to tears. I know it is just a start but I have felt more myself in this last 30 days - my quirky silly happy me. My 'low' spells don't last nearly as long. I am able to pull myself out quicker because of the different tasks you put in place. Also having our wonderful group of ladies has done wonders!"



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I am a Spiritual and Emotional Healer, Metaphysical Counsellor, Meditation teacher and Workshop Facilitator, with 30 years experience.

People seem to find me when they are searching for 'something else' as it is often their time to open to the Spiritual part of themselves.

This is not just what I do, its Who I AM.  It is how I live my life and I feel so lucky that I can assist people in this way. It will be something I do every day I am on this beautiful planet.


More feedback from everyday women

taking part and becoming part of the soul family...

I've noticed such a difference in myself from completing both soul challenges. I'm literally excited to start everyday! I'm learning to see the positives in every situation, I'm learning to just "be" and to see the beauty in life without expectations. I've taken pressure off myself to have achieved certain goals by a certain age. - Nicola 

I feel so much calmer and happier so thank you so much for yet another great challenge! - Christine

Jess I really just want to thank you and your mum for this incredible journey over the past 30 days. It has been so amazing and I have learnt a lot. Thank you so much! xx - Tayla

The tasks and the live chats I think are fabulous. Meditating was brilliant but just connecting with other women going through the same things was comforting in a way. - Sarah

I have found that I am a lot calmer and not as easily upset by things that happen. The "storm clouds" don't appear as often and I am able to listen to the calm that is in my centre as opposed to the chaos in my mind. - Gaia 

I feel as though I am more equipped to handle situations which I normally couldn’t. - Jodie

Being challenged to focus on specific things that aligned with who I want to be pushed me out of my comfort zone but made me realize I CAN be that person! - Jodie

I would just like to simply say thank you for creating the most enjoyable and beautiful 30 days and I really hope that you continue with them because I will certainly take part!!! - Brianna

I love the interaction in the facebook group as it made it more fun to complete each Soul Task. It was also really wonderful how present you and Moira were on the facebook group, as I know we love hearing your comments. - Sarah

Thank you for making me a more positive, productive and less lonely person, I feel like I am a little closer to finding my true purpose in life the more I get to know myself. - Jennifer 

I love being part of such a supportive group. So amazing! And the Soul Tasks are both gentle and tough enough for things to change. - Clee

I'm so much more open to change and embracing whatever life throws at me. - Nadine 

You're such an inspiration Jess and I'm so grateful you for and this challenges for providing me with the opportunity to connect with other ladies who I've formed strong friendships with. - Jess

I loved the support that everyone gave each other. I also loved seeing everyone else's stories and seeing that there are so many more people that are in the same situations that I'm in and I don't feel so alone. - Ashlee 

I enjoyed the supportive community on Facebook the most. - Charlene 

I'm so glad I took part in this. I have loved being a part of such a open space where I have felt comfortable to share and along the way learn more about myself. - Mel